domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Tight rope walking on Baru Volcano - Video

Tight rope walking on Baru Volcano
Special thanks to Dylan, Megan and Cristopher

Neurobat - Tight rope walking on Baru Volcano

Tight rope walking on Baru Volcano

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012



The ancient Greeks had four different words for rope-walkers:

- the Neurobat sets his rope at great heights,
- the Oribat dances on the rope,
- the Schoenobat flies down the rope and
- the Acrobat does acrobatics on the rope.

In 260 BC Censor Messala did away with these distinctions, uniting them in a single word: funambulus [funambule] from funis, a rope, and ambulare, to walk. 

This is my journey on search to master each of the ancient disciplines:

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

JÖGUÄTA Waterfalls, Panama

JÖGUÄTA Waterfalls, Panama

JÖGUÄTA, (Indigenous Ngöbe-Buglé language translates to "Flat stone") is a hidden natural spot located in deep forests of southeast Boquete. I used to visit this place with my father when I was a kid and learned how to swim there. The place is an incredible peaceful, colorful location where it is possible to see a huge range of  butterflies, birds, and other animals. I have been visiting this place alone for meditation during many years and now I am turning it into a touristic attraction in order to protect it from developing projects including hydroelectrics which sadly are slowly destroying our local rivers and its biodiversity. JÖGUÄTA offers waterfall rappelling, slackline over the water, swimming, water solo climbing, natural toboggan and even tarzan swing! Come and enjoy the beauty of this place and its perfectly combined elements.

New tour in this location!! - Check it out here

mini waterfall

Hanging natural vine for tarzan swing

Pile of gear ready for adventure aside the river 

Tarzan Swing

general view of JÖGUÄTA

Practicing slacklining over the water

Second pond view

Main waterfall / 25m aprox.

Second pond view

Waterfall Rapelling / 25 m aprox. This is also a natural toboggan.

General view from entrance of JÖGUÄTA

Setting up Slackline challenge

Walking over the mini waterfall stream

There are 3 slackline sets with different difficulties here.

Safe and fun with protection of deep water below

Walking over water is amazing, you literally step into water

Slacklining exercises with friends

Balance exercises and training

and of course...

...lot of falling into the water...

Trying the new slackline activity in  JÖGUÄTA

2 inch slackline for beginners and also 1 inch slackline for intermediate and advanced is available

Slackline with view of first and second pond

walking over water

More friends trying slackline challenge!!

Slackline with view of hanging natural vine in the back

Swimming and slacklining

Deep enough to jump anytime

General view

Tarzan Swing!