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Cesar Augusto Melendez Castillo | Panama Rock Climbing Documentary

Cesar Augusto Melendez Castillo is Panama’s first professional rock climber.  This mini documentary chronicles his life from childhood as he struggles to build a sport in a country that has never heard of the sport before.  The best rock climbing in Panama takes place in Cesar’s home town Boquete, and it is here you can find all different styles of climbing including Multi-Pitch, Deep water Solo, and some amazing slack line locations.
Cesar runs daily climbing tours and can accommodate for all levels of experience and age.

  • Mad Rock is proud to support Cesar as he continues to develop amazing climbing areas in Boquete, a beautiful city in a country still just beginning to embrace the sport. His passion is similar to those who pioneered climbing in the 70′s, using only what they have, and reveling in the freedom of sometimes climbing without a rope. - Mad Rock California 

  • So pure. That is what it's all about. Major props and a huge thanks to a dude doing some developing. - DPM climbing

  • Cesar has developed DWS routes in an area called Cangilones, established multi-pitches in Boquete, and sports routes in a number of places. - Vertigo Industries

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Panama Rock Climbing

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