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10 years of Rock Climbing in Panama

Celebrating 10 years of Rock Climbing in Panama

Gary Henning, (Canadian Rock Climber) arrived to Panama, Central America in 2003. After extensive traveling in the country he visited a town known as Boquete (a small town located West of Panama city) where he shared his passion and love for rock climbing with a group of local guys. Together they develop the first existing sport routes in history of Panama. A year later climbing was born in Panama.
Today, climbing continues its evolution in hands of both, old and new generations of climbers who share the same love, passion and respect for the mountains as a decade ago.

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Gary Burton Henning, Canadian rock climber & mountaineer who arrived to Panama in 2003, formally introduced the sport of rock climbing to Panama, Central America in May 2004
Cesar Augusto Melendez Castillo, the first Panamanian rock climber, founder of Boquete Climbing club and Panama Rock Climbing Tours
Marcos Gonzalez, pioneer of the sport of rock climbing in Panama working on the ascend of the first existent routes in Panama.
Gary Henning working on the first sport routes at El Panal crag and teaching some climbing techniques

martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Rock climbing in Panama - Film by Alex Lindbloom

Rock climbing in Panama
A film by Bagus Land & Sea Productions / Alex Lindbloom

Rock climbing in Panama / A film by Bagus Land & Sea Productions follows first Panamanian rock climber Cesar Augusto Melendez Castillo in search of climbing the most difficult and amazing rock formation of Panama, Central America. 
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martes, 9 de abril de 2013

Panama Rocks: Gear 4 kids

Panama Rocks: Gear 4 kids

0:11 - My name is Cesar Melendez, I am professional rock climber. Today we are doing an activity with kids from Orphanage Hogar Trisker so they can have the opportunity to try a new different activity such rock climbing.

0:35 - Kids from Orphanage houses such Trisker and other similar centers along the country need from our support and help. It is our responsibility as society and individuals to provide help to kids, and not only in Panama but also all over the world.

1:01 - We are doing this activity thanks to the support of climbers from Holland (Climbing Centre Neoliet Tilburg, Netherlands) who kindly donated a lot of climbing gear for kids such harnesses, shoes and more allowing us to introduce these kids for the first time into the activity and share a happy beautiful morning with them.

1:33 - It is important to mention the incredible help of local and foreigners volunteers who have donated their time and help to this cause. My staff at Panama Rocks Climbing is also present and all together will contribute in different ways to make this possible for the kids.

2:08 - We also would like to thank Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and Lic. Frago from Trisker Orphanage House who made possible to bring the kids today. We hope this will be the first event of many other coming activities we all together want to do for other kids of Panama.

2:39 - Once again, thanks. My name is Cesar Melendez. We hope to continue doing this type of events with the support of so many wonderful people and continue to help our future generations.

3:02 - This is Panama Rocks: gear 4 kids. Let´s support our kids!!

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