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Panama The Country Book

Panama The Country Book
Publication for book Panama The Country. The photo was taken couple years ago by professional photographer Alfredo Maiquez while working on my first ascend of ¨Icarus¨ 5.13a

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¨Next Panama¨ covers climbing event with kids in Boquete

¨Next Panama¨ covers climbing event with kids in Boquete
Next Panama event with kids in Boquete and National Television (TVN ) interview with professional Panamanian climber Cesar Augusto Melendez

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Turboman V5

Turboman V5

One of my newest deep water solo problems at Cangilones de Gualaca, Panama: ¨Turboman¨ V5. An overhang route with slopers, monos and a rose move at the end. Come to Cangilones and check it out!!

Inertia V9

A fantastic dynamic problem, seems easy yet its dynamic crux movement requires great precision and strength. One of the hardest deep water solo problems at Cangilones de Gualaca.   

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A very special group of kids climbs on Gunko
With the support of Timberland, Camara de Turismo de Boquete, ATP and the collaboration of Televisora Nacional de Panama TVN we had the pleasure to take a special group of kids from remote areas of the country for a fun day of rock climbing - Check all photos here

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Article published for La Prensa Panama

La Prensa Panama - Escalada en Suiza
by Miguel Santamaria 11/03/2014

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Tree Climbing with Canadian Arborists

Tree Climbing in Panama with Canadian Arborists
Study and investigation of trees encouraging its preservation and heritage value

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Articulo publicado para Periodico Mi Diario

Articulo publicado para Periodico Mi Diario
09/Feb/2014 - Por Christian Perez
Mi Diario Panama

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Mundologia - Festival 2014

Mundologia - Festival 2014 Germany
HUBERBUAM - Alexander Huber Im Licht der Berge

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