miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Mad Rock support climbing in Panama

Mad Rock support the development of climbing in Panama and sponsors Panamanian rock climber Cesar Augusto Melendez

Couple weeks ago, Mad Rock´s representative Mark M.H. announced Mad Rock Company´s interest in donating small-size climbing shoes to help introduce Panamanian kids into the sport of rock climbing and support the development of this sport in the country.

Mad Rock New Mugen climbing shoe
Today, just few weeks after conversations, L.Grayson, (an always important figure in the scene of climbing movement of Panama), arrived to Boquete with this important donation!

Mad rock generously sent a considerable number of shoes for kids of their model Mad rock New Mugen as well as relevant climbing gear. This contribution will aid in further responsible growth of climbing in the country.

Mad Rock representative also announced sponsorship to 28 years old Panamanian rock climber Cesar Augusto Melendez Castillo, due to his 7 years labor developing the practice of the sport in Panama through his company Panama Rock Climbing

Melendez, who recently bolted and completed the first existent multi pitch route in Panama "Cosmic Love" received climbing gear from Mad Rock, clothing, and shoes featuring Mad Rock new climbing technology Science Friction rubber.

Organizing shoes in boxes
Mad Rock is considered to be one of the most relevant companies in the world of rock climbing, they are responsible of the manufacturing of innovative, highly technical rock climbing shoes and gear using the latest materials and technology that have put them on the map and in the packs of climbers around the world!

Panama thank Mad Rock for their generous donation and efforts to help grow the climbing scene in the country!!!