martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Trip to JÄ WÄKTA with Basakwe Hiking Club

Trip to JÄ WÄKTA with Basakwe Hiking Club
Basakwe hiking Club is a group of adventurers who love nature and encourage others to protect it. Focus in discovering the most exotic and beautiful waterfalls but also interesting locations all over Panama.
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Photo Credits: Queipo GR

Arrival to the waterfalls
Meditation on the rope
lost in reverie...
JÄ WÄKTA second pond - right view
JÄ WÄKTA second pond - left view
JÄ WÄKTA main pond
JÄ WÄKTA slacklining set
JÄ WÄKTA general view from entrance
Cave behing waterfall :)
hanging vine for tarzan swing
Main waterfall
Basakwe hiking club, really nice people who love nature and work hard to preserve it!
Route of ascension throughout the main waterfall
Climbing the waterfall
Crossing the river with the line
Our photographer trying the slackline challenge!
First steps on a slackline
Left Side Rocks of JÄ WÄKTA
Clear water and amazing people who love nature :)