martes, 11 de junio de 2013

3 New routes at Gunko

3 new routes at Gunko

(left to right) Christian standing at the bottom of new route ¨Extasis¨ 5.11a/b followed by Denis next to ¨Vertical Garden¨ 5.10a. Route at the far right is named ¨Orquidea¨ 5.10b and it is a top rope-only route.   

An addition of two beautiful new sport routes and one top rope line have been bolted today at Gunko. Lot of cleaning and at the end routes turned out to be fantastic new lines. Gunko is now an area with 15 equipped routes and 1 Bouldering traverse.

This area still offers possibilities of new routes on the right side. In near future we will continue to open new routes and unleash its full potential.

Everybody is very welcome to try climbing at Gunko and of course, it´s new routes too!

List of new routes (left to right):
  • "Extasis" 5.11a/b
  • "Vertical Garden" 5.10a
  • "Orquidea" 5.10b  
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